Sourcing Chinese suppliers and partners

We have a significant network of contacts in China, partly developed through our own manufacturing and trading businesses but also through helping overseas organisations located quality suppliers in China.

We have unique skills that enable us to analyse and assess suppliers in a number of key areas and not just the technical skills needed for the type of product or service you need.

We can over a period of only a few days assess any suppliers ability to meet your service needs in terms of:

  • Their ability to understand your needs
  • Capacity
  • Lead time
  • Flexibility
  • On time delivery
  • OnGoing Improvement
  • Their ability to grow with you

Factors that are vital when selecting a supplier that is many thousands of miles away from the customer.

Key facts

  • American customer focus
  • Solar and power systems
  • Welding and automation
  • Robotics
  • 15 years experience

Please contact us via phone or the email link below to discuss your requirements.