TOC Critical Chain Workshop

If your projects are difficult to deliver on time, or on budget then the TOC CCMP process will help deliver dramatically better results. The investment in the workshop will be repaid in only a few months.

This workshop guides you through an exploration of TOC Critical Chain Multi Project improvement process and shows you how to achieve dramatic and rapid improvements, such as:

  • Shorter project (25% less time)
  • Project delivered On time (or early)
  • Projects delivered on budget (or for less)

In the workshop you are led through a series of practical exercises and presentations designed to convey the knowledge you need to improve delivery of the projects you are involved with.

All our workshops conclude with the development of a road map outlining the steps to take next and the immediate steps that should be taken to start getting benefits now.

CCMP is a TOC application, a practical management method with a proven track record in companies all around the world.

Many companies have implemented CCMP to their advantage such as ABB, FMC, and the Japanese government insist on all their contractors using CCMP.

CCMP shows how to align the other functions within the project environment such as planning, buying, engineering, QA, etc., to achieve the fastest time to market, the shortest project lead times without compromising time or budget.

John Tripp is one of our TOC Expert partners. John has been helping organisations to apply the TOC project improvement process since 1995. John has a wealth of experience on how to approach the application of TOC CCMP in many different environments and markets.

We run open and dedicated workshops with both Chinese and English presentation, slides and handouts.

We regularly hold open workshops to enable potentially interested customers explore the TOC and the CCMP improvement process. Contact us via phone or via the contact form for more information on availability.

If you have a number of projects ongoing or are a New Product Development company we recommend a dedicated in house workshop. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.