TOC Production Drum Buffer Rope Workshop

If in production you have similar problems to these listed here, then TOC DBR improvement process will help deliver dramatically better results quickly, in a way is sustainable and that will drive more and more improvement. Do you recognise these issue:

  • Suppliers do not deliver on time
  • Suppliers quality is not as good or consistent as required
  • It is difficult to satisfy customers urgent demands
  • Customers make too many changes
  • Our lead time is too long
  • Inventories are too high
  • Overtime is too high

If you recognise this list of problems then there is a very good chance you can gain a big improvement very quickly.

This workshop will enable you to explore the TOC DBR improvement process. It will show you how to quickly and sustainably achieve the following:

  • Reduce lead times (up to 50%)
  • Reduce inventories (Up to 50%)
  • Deliver 95% or more on time
  • Increase productivity (up to 25%)
  • Increase sales up (up to 50%) with virtually no extra capacity needed

In the workshop you are lead through a series of practical exercises and presentations designed to convey the knowledge you need to improve production operation businesses.

All our workshops conclude with the development of a road map outlining the steps to take next and the immediate steps that should be taken to start getting benefits now.

The type of result indicated below will lead to significantly better cash flow and profits.Many companies have implemented DBR to their advantage such as ABB, FMC, GM and Ford. Toyota now teaches the OC DBR process to its people and to outside organisations.

John Tripp is one of our TOC Expert partners. John has been helping organisations to apply the TOC production improvement process since 1985. John has a wealth of experience on how to approach the application of TOC DBR in many different environments and markets.

We run open and dedicated workshops with both Chinese and English presentation, slides and handouts.

We regularly hold open workshops to enable potentially interested customers explore the TOC and the DBR improvement process. Contact us via phone or via the contact us form for more information on availability.

If you have a number of people that would benefit from this TOC knowledge we recommend a dedicated in house workshop. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.