We have extensive experience of consulting with organisation of all sizes, in many different industries and countries.

We have developed an international relationship with experienced TOC experts, so that we can offer a world wide support network for change programs.

All assignments begin with a review of the customers operation, which normally takes two days. The review is a valuable process in itself identifying what is blocking you from making much more money now and what will block you from making even more in the future.

The review concludes with an agreement of what is the best direction to go in to overcome the block identified.

Following the review the findings are documented with our recommendations.

Areas Supported

  • All Industries and Services
  • Project Improvement
  • Production Improvement
  • Engineer To Order
  • Make To Order
  • Make To Stock
  • Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Sales and Buy-In
  • Strategy and Tactic


  • English
  • Chinese

Win-Win Relationship

  • Fees agreed in advance
  • Fees contingent of agreed results
  • Results prove irrefutably our contribution